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Characteristics of puffed floating fish feed and advantages in breeding

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Characteristics of puffed floating fish feed and advantages in breeding

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In order to improve the utilization of feed and digestion and absorption rate, reduce the impact of feed on the water environment, and improve the efficiency of aquaculture production, aquatic science and technology workers have made unremitting efforts. By optimizing the feed formula, improving the feed machinery quality, improving the processing technology, etc., good economic and social benefits have been obtained. The use of puffing method to produce fish feed is an important research result in feed processing. The current twin-screw extruder can produce buoyant, slow and sinking feeds according to the needs of aquaculture production. Among them, the puffed floating fish feed has been widely promoted and applied due to its special functions and functions that cannot be compared with the sinking feed.

  1. The puffed floating fish feed can float on the water for a long time, which is convenient for feeding and management, and is conducive to saving labor. Because the puffed floating fish feed can float on the surface for a long time, it can observe the feeding condition of the fish well after feeding, and it is convenient to adjust the feeding amount according to the feeding condition of the fish; at the same time, it can accurately change the feeding amount of the fish and The condition of fish feeding to the surface of the water to understand the growth and health. The farmer can calculate the amount of feed that can be fed according to the variety, specification, quantity, water temperature and feed rate of the fish to be farmed, and feed quickly, which saves a lot of time and improves labor productivity.

  2. Puffed floating fish feed is beneficial to improve feed utilization. Due to the high temperature and high pressure processing conditions, the starch in the feed is matured, the fat is more conducive to digestion and absorption, and the fiber structure and cell wall are destroyed and softened, and the harmful substances such as gossypol in cottonseed meal and antitrypsin in soybean are destroyed. , thereby improving the palatability and digestion and absorption rate of the feed. In addition, due to physical and chemical changes in the expansion process, the expanded feed generally produces less than 1% of the powder, which directly improves the effective use of the feed. Under normal circumstances, the use of puffed floating feed for fish farming can save 5-10% of feed compared to powdered or other pelleted feed.

  3. The use of puffed floating fish feed can reduce the pollution of water quality. The puffed floating fish feed will not dissolve in the water for a long time, and the high-quality floating fish feed can float for about 12 hours, and it is easy to observe and control the feeding, reduce or avoid the powder, the remaining residual bait and so on. Pollution, which is extremely beneficial to environmental protection and to the growth of fish.

  Expanded floating fish feed has broad application prospects. In terms of farming methods, puffed floating fish feed has wide applicability. Floating fish feed can be used in pond fish farming, rice field fish farming, water fish farming, cage fish farming, factory fish farming, and large water surface intensive cultivation. . Especially for the fish culture in the Sanpingtang, which has a low density of cultivation, the fish farming in the rice field and the intensive cultivation of the large water surface, the use of floating fish feed is more advantageous than the use of other feeds.From the cultured species, whether it is freshwater fish or seawater fish, in addition to a few submerged fish that are extremely difficult to domesticate to the surface of the water, they can eat buoyant fish feed, such as squid, black mullet, and fish. Famous frogs such as frogs, toads, tortoises, and scorpionfish, as well as grass carp, squid, and squid, which are commonly cultivated. For species such as frogs and squid with special physiological functions, it is more convenient to use floating feed for breeding, and it can show its superiority. According to different varieties and different growth and development stages, the production of puffed floating fish feed that is compatible with its caliber and nutrient needs can well meet the needs of conventional aquaculture and special aquaculture for its feed, which is convenient for aquaculture producers. It can also promote the development of production.

Characteristics of puffed floating fish feed and advantages in breeding

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