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Feed puffing machinery manufacturers tell you: installation and training of pet feed production line

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Feed puffing machinery manufacturers tell you: installation and training of pet feed production line

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 The feed expansion machinery manufacturer tells you: 1. The equipment for the broken arch feeding bin and feeder in the pet feed production equipment

  A basic reference data in the control system of Jinan feed extruder is the flow of materials. The increase of water, steam and other liquids in the system is based on the flow rate of the materials. Therefore, the stability of the material flow directly affects the production of all extruders. Stability. In order to ensure the stability of the logistics, the system uses differential feeding, that is, placing all the feeding bins and feeders on the load cell, forming a closed loop control between the weighing sensor, the variable frequency feeder and the computer. Feeding.

  The basic request for differential feeding is the soft connection between the upper and lower interfaces, that is, the soft connection between the broken arch feeding bin and the pneumatic gate at the upper part of the cartridge body and between the feeder discharge port and the conditioner inlet. Soft convergence, the soft connection between the two places usually uses canvas as the data to connect.

  The equipment of the load cell is another important factor affecting the feeding. There are usually two methods for sensor equipment: lifting and loading, both of which can be used depending on the site requirements. When selecting the hoisting, some methods should be selected to ensure the stability of the warehouse. During the production process of the extruder, when feeding into the feeding bin, the falling of the material causes all the bins to sway, and the length of the shaking and shaking is closely related to the length of the sensor lever, although the control program puts the material into the bin. The feed data at the moment uses the data before the feed, but after the material enters the warehouse, if the tank body insists on shaking, it will directly affect the accuracy of the sensor weighing, and request the limit device at the lower part of the warehouse body, and the limit is satisfied. Bit devices do not affect weighing. Another equipment method is the loading, the equipment method does not sway, but all the warehouses are easy to move, which requires the equipment to be fixed on the bracket when the equipment is requested, and the equipment on each side of the lifting bin Limit block to prevent the movement of all the bins.

  In the equipment of the broken arch feeding bin of Jinan feed extruder, it is necessary to pay attention to the orientation of the maintenance door, to ensure that the maintenance door can be opened together with the maintenance equipment in the lower part of the maintenance door.

  2, Jinan feed extruder double shaft differential conditioner equipment

  Because the support frame body of the double-axis differential speed adjuster is a group weldment body, there will be a certain deformation in the process of conveying the feed puffing machine. When the support is deformed, the direct adjustment device will form a conditioner main shaft and a gear box. The output shaft has different axes. When the equipment is running, the noise generated by the roller chain coupling will form the coupling gear and the chain wear. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the support frame to make the main shaft of the conditioner and the gearbox output shaft the same. axis.

  When the conditioning equipment of the Jinan feed extruder is used, the relative orientation of the two spindles is also requested. The equipment can be used according to the symbol of the shaft end, and the relative orientation equipment can also be selected by itself. For details, please refer to the instruction manual.

Installation and training of pet feed production line

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