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Food extruder manufacturers tell you: the advantages of large wet extruder

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Food extruder manufacturers tell you: the advantages of large wet extruder

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Food puffing machine manufacturers tell you: Twin-screw extruder application areas: Jinan Daxie high-efficiency twin-screw food extruder is suitable for: production of pet feed (dog food, cat food, rabbit food, hamster food, glutinous rice, etc.), aquatic feed ( Fish, shrimp, turtles, etc.). Soybean drawing protein, plant tissue protein, modified starch, corn flakes, breakfast cereals, casserole, French fries, delicate triangle slices, chestnut rice, odd rice, nutritious rice, artificial rice, baby nutrition powder, pre-gelatinized starch, Bread crumbs and pet chews.

  Superior performance of Daxie products:

  (1) All models can be equipped with computer automatic control system, advanced touch operation, convenient, brief and safe.

  (2) The main machine, feeder and cutting device are all controlled by frequency conversion speed control, feeding evenly, strong power and stable operation.

  (3) The main gear box is equipped with gear oil pump forced cooling and automatic lubrication system, twin-screw extrusion pumping mechanism and dual-axis long differential modulator (wet main engine optional) to make the material mature enough and the material gelatinization The degree is over 98%.

  (4) A wide variety of raw materials can be applied, and the feed formulation can contain more than 12% of fats and oils. After the addition of the double-screw steam conditioner, the addition of fresh meat to 35% meets the customer's manufacture of high meat content.

  (5) The screw has excellent self-cleaning ability. There is no need to clean the casing and screw when restarting or replacing the material. The main machine adopts frequency conversion speed control to adapt to different kinds of raw materials, and the output cutter has variable frequency speed control to adjust the length, thickness and shape of the material.

  (6) The screw adopts special high-quality high-alloy steel, the wear-resistant sleeve is made of bi-metal alloy material (material optional), and the cavity is made of 45-gauge steel with high-hardness spiral, which is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life. Bigger.

  (7) The pet food/aquatic feed is obtained by high temperature and high pressure sterilization during the processing to ensure the health and safety of the feed product.

  (8) The discharge mold has a cylindrical aperture d=1mm-10mm, and other special shape die holes (can be customized according to customer requirements).

  (9) It is suitable for processing pet food grain dry food, ornamental fish material/aquaculture bulking material (floating, sinking, retarding material), wherein the floating material has stability in water for more than 24 hours.

Advantages of large wet extruder

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